The State Is Revolting Against The People, And Criminals Are Their Vanguard

     It has become clear that the attack on America, be it literal violence from the #BlackLivesMatter riots and Antifa revolutionary actions to the struggle sessions promoting Critical Race Theory, is coming from the inside and that the revolution against the American people is coming from within the government.

     Portland, of course, provides a clear example. Day after day rioters/revolutionaries are being arrested… and then being almost immediately released. Violent criminals—not “peaceful protesters”—are being continuously set loose on innocents. Such is the case with a man who committed arson, was released the same day as he was booked, who then set six more fire by the next day.

     But then what does one expect when one elects openly hard-Left zealots who support this alleged uprising, especially when the one who is responsible for law and order is actually a child of terrorists, was raised by other unrepentant terrorists, and who has never repudiated their terrorist friendly upbringing, such as with San Fransisco (of course) District Attorney Chesa Boudin:

“The San Francisco Marina Times has a story about a meth-addicted homeless vagrant who was caught on video surveillance in August burgling a commercial building in the Mission District. Members of the San Francisco Police Department recognized the guy and actually knew exactly where he camped.

“It turns out the suspect’s tent was only 700 yards from the commercial building he had just burgled. When police caught up with him, he was not only wearing the same clothes he wore during the burglary, they found 26 grams of methamphetamine in his pockets.

“Rather than immediately search the suspect’s tent, the officers prepared a search warrant whereby a San Francisco judge authorized that there was a high probability this suspect was the burglar,” the Marina Times reported. ‘Mission police officers used the judge’s approval to search the suspect’s tent and found items that the victim later confirmed were his.’

“Normally one would say “good work SFPD,” but not SF DA Chesa Boudin. ‘Boudin’s office found the surveillance video was insufficient to identify the suspect.   Boudin’s attorneys deemed that because no DNA or fingerprints were found at the crime scene, they elected not to prosecute either the burglary or the methamphetamine crimes.’


“As for the meth-head burglar who was released and then traumatized a young girl, On August 27th, per an SFPD News Release, after his release, ‘that same Market Street suspect committed a more serious burglary in the Portola district. This time the victim was a juvenile girl at home by herself when she found the Market Street burglar “exposing himself and engaging in sexual gratification” in her living room. The burglar “approached the young girl in her bedroom, attempted to physically control her and block her escape.”   The girl was able to escape the room and call her father who returned home and controlled the burglar until SFPD arrived.’”

     These zealots don’t care who is harmed or what damage is done just as long as they can bring down “the system” to immanentize the eschaton.

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