Woke Political Commissars For Law School

     Political Commissars or Officers, who watched over military units in order to assure ideological conformity, were common in both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, as well as Communist China of today. Now, the Black Law Student Association of the University of San Diego wants to implement in the class room a “classroom diversity officer position tasked with observing classroom practices and reporting questionable conduct within the classroom to the administration” Further:

“[T]he diversity officer will meet with the professor and the deans of the university on an annual basis to discuss ways in which the university can improve its instruction with diversity in mind.”

     Interesting that they both openly acknowledge their “privilege” (have they ever “checked their privilege” one wonders?) yet claim to oppressed as well.

“As Black law students we are privileged with the opportunity to pursue a legal education and seek membership to the legal profession, however, we are not immune to the oppression that is inextricably linked to our Blackness”

     They are, ‘twould seem, the new Nomenklatura.

     Funny how Leftwing groups either claim to not claim to be totalitarian minded, or say that this time they will get it “right”.

     The entire open letter can be found here, or below:

USD Black Law Students Asso… by ThePoliticalHat

     Hat Tip: Sarah Imgrund.

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