The Revolution Is Coming From The Inside

     Rather than surrendering to the woke mob or foolishly going along with the same due to ignorance, the local governments of riot swept cities agree with the woke revolutionaries but can’t quite come out to admit it, overtly giving out only tacit approval.   However, that mask is quickly slipping, as can be seen by the District Attorney of Multomah County, where Portland is located, happily explaining his “Social Justice” goals with his longtime friend, a “prison and police abolitionist” who works with Communist & terrorist Angela Davis’ campaign to “defund police, abolish prisons & demand reparations”.

     Unlike the stereotype of racist and corrupt sheriffs in the deep South, People like Mike Schmidt revel in subverting justice in the name of justice—truly doublethink in action.

     And what is the result in his beloved modern Sturmabteilung being allowed to run free?

     If people are lucky, innocent people will only be corralled, attacked with weapons, and threatened with severe violence.

If they’re unlucky? They will be beaten severely to the point of unconscious and potentially worse.

     It’s even worse than it seems.

     This makes the beating of Rodney King look like absolutely restrained. It’s like the police are playing by Marquis of Queensberry Rules while the “anti-police violence” thugs act like Simon Legree beating a defiant slave.   Oh, the irony of people rioting over violence perpetrated by the police demonstrating that they are far more violent than the “fascist pigs” they are complaining about. Like all Left-wing “revolutions”, the “revolutionaries” will always become worse than the “unjust” system they overthrew.

     And just what prompted this? It turns out that the woke mob went after him, causing his truck to crash, after he stepped in to protect a trans-woman!

     But it’s not like the revolutionaries themselves are government employees… oh, wait.

     Oh, the irony of this thugs name.

     P.S. As Reginald Denny learned the hard way, NEVER GET OUT OF YOUR CAR.

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