Struggle Sessions Come To Sandia National Lab

     Modern day “struggle sessions”, whereby Whites and/or Males (usually both) are taken aside and made to admit how everything is their fault and forced to explain how they will repent their sin of “Whiteness” and/or “Maleness”, are not just limited to hardcore Woke satrapies like Seattle, but moving to scientific institutions including America’s National Laboratories.  Case in point: Sandia National Laboratory.

     Christopher F. Rufo, once again, sheds light on these struggle session by providing the indoctrination materials used. Much of what he goes into detail about is sadly becoming the norm, and increasingly ever-present, especially the use of “intersectionalism”.

     Your humble author has made a few additional observations. Most notably is the insistence that White males respect the “truths” and “realities” of “POC” and women. This was being taught in a national laboratory that has materials and equipment that can literally kill not only a person who applies their alternate “truth” to an experiment but people throughout the facility. For f**ks sake they even have literal death rays, plutonium, and other assorted goodies at national labs!

     Most strangely, the people who put the indoctrination materials together seem obsessed with White men playing golf.

     The part that ought to give people the greatest pause and concern is the odd use of the word “grace”.   Yes, you probably know and can define the word “grace”, but it is pretty clear that they are using some new “woke” definition similar to how the word “racism” gained a new “academic” definition not used by the unwoke masses. Examples of it’s usage:

  • I commit to giving grace and recognizing the courage of others
  • I commit to to concisely and deliberately extending grace and to be careful to not infer intent
  • I commit to exercise tolerance (grace) in my pursuit of truth
  • Law enforcement may give me more grace

     Mr. Rufo’s highlights:

     It is only a matter of time before this moves to private corporations, especially when it becomes expected in order to preempt “hostile work environment” lawsuits or more direct government punishment.

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