Struggle Sessions Come To Seattle

     The Struggle Sessions of Mao’s Cultural Revolution was a tool to insure ideological adherence by humiliation, torturing, and even literally cannibalizing those—including those who had been zealous revolutionaries themselves but not “enlightened” by the new days standards—deemed not sufficiently pro-revolution, and thus class enemies were forced to admit their counter-revolutionary since ostensibly for their benefit but in reality to not only strengthen the regime but bring people closer to it by privileging them due to explicit participation in sessions against the “counter revolutionaries”.   While physical punishment, executions, and cannibalism are not being (openly at least) exercise, the humiliation and forced apologetism of the Mao’s Cultural Revolution has come to the City of Seattle’s so-called “Office of Civil Rights”.

     Christopher F. Rufo, from City Journal, obtained documentation outlining just such a segregated “struggle session” aimed at all White city employees and only White city employees.

     “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” is the new woke truth to stop “racism”, ‘twould seem.

     Notice how they presume that all White people are racist, and it is only a matter of finding out the particulars?

     The “transgender” element of announcing “pronouns” fits in with the entire “intersectional” view of “interlocking hierarchies” of the “kyriarchy”.

     Shame and humiliation followed by a fig leaf of faux forgiveness and hopes of avoided further shame and humiliation by becoming zealous advocates of The Cultural Revolution Social & Racial Justice.

     Broke: Speech is speech and violence is violence.

     Woke: Speech is violence and violence is speech.

     Bespoke: The existence of White people is violence so shut up and parrot out talking points!

     It’s not enough to just do as you are told if you are White, you must speak and advocate what you are told if you are White. Being compelled to express a view and act accordingly is what the Left consider “privilege”.

     “White Fragility” is a Kafka Trap whereby any denial is proof of guilt: Heads they win; tails they lose.

     They hate individalism because it conflicts for their ideologies need to treat people as simple examples of a collective and thus receive perpetual collective justice.

     Objectivity conflicts with the Deconstructionism and “2+2=5” mentality needed to keep up the Orwellian doublethink, which makes the inclusion of “cognitive dissonance” oh so ironic.

     “Racism” is a maligning mystical miasma of malevolent malfeasance, and ever present devil.

     By “irony” and “antiracism” he clearly meant “Orwellian”.

     In other words, this is just an example of the Left projecting their own tyranny on others.

     Slides can be found here.

     Don’t think that this is just limited to Seattle or a few other woke places here or there.   The seeds have been planted and it’s coming to you, even in the private sector, even if you don’t work whether you like it or not.

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