Revolution by Proxy

     It has become clear, if it wasn’t already, that these rioter/revolutionaries are acting with the tacit approval of the government. The city, county, and state would do what the revolutionaries are doing if they could get away with it, but have to settle to revolution by proxy.

     One of the primary reasons that the wannabe revolutionaries running amok is such a warning sign for the future of the United States, aside from their ability to organize, is that they are acting with the de facto approval of the state and local governments. This results in these revolting revolutionaries often acting at times carte blanche, or at least with a slap on the wrist when the state and local government leaders want to keep up the illusion of their de jure neutral application of the law. Of course, this isn’t actually anarchy since these same government leaders are more than willing to use government power over those who are not privileged or even guilty of anything.

     Seattle, Portland, and an increasingly larger number of cities are simply engaging in woke kabuki theater. Every woke warrior plays their part, non-hierarchically of course, if by “non-hierarchically” you put thought criminals and the unwoke as outside the system as the other to be dealt with. De jure neutrality coupled with de facto acceptance of revolutionary support is a contradiction and a lie, but therein lies doublethink, and the illusion that likely will last long enough…

     This approach by the Left is not limited to Antifa and #BlackLivesMatter riots. Academia is another area whereby a student or professor is punished without the college or university doing anything because they are doing nothing.

“Critic predicts she’ll ‘get a bullet in the head for being racist’

“Syracuse University is jeopardizing the safety of conservative students in order to avoid upsetting the woke crowd, according to a student who was fired by the student newspaper for rejecting the theory of ‘institutional racism.’


“This is in stark contrast to the university’s prolonged and far-reaching response to purportedly racist graffiti found in a residence hall last fall.

“In January Syracuse pledged to suspend students accused of ‘bigoted vandalism’ and remove them from campus while their conduct cases go forward.”

     This is why equal application of the law is so important: Even without directly persecuting anyone, they can passively and selectively allow people to persecuted by effectively placing them outside the protection of the law, but not its prosecution thereof.

     But is it too late?

     Update: All according to plan.

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