Racism As Health Crisis

     It would make sense health care dealt with actual health issues such as diseases. We are living in an age, however, where the biggest health crisis is… “racism”.

     The Governor of Michigan has declared “racism” to be a public health crisis, and that the problem is “systemic racism” including promoting “equity”:

“We must confront systemic racism head on so we can create a more equitable and just Michigan. This is not about one party or person. I hope we can continue to work towards building a more inclusive and unbiased state that works for everyone.


  • “The Council will act in an advisory capacity to the governor and develop, review, and recommend policies and actions designed to eradicate and prevent discrimination and racial inequity in Michigan. To accomplish this goal, the Council is charged with:
  •    Identifying state laws, or gaps in state law, that create or perpetuate inequities, with the goal of promoting economic growth and wealth equity for the Black community.
  •    Collaborating with the governor’s office and the Black community to promote legislation and regulation that ensures equitable treatment of all Michiganders, and seeks to remedy structural inequities in this state.
  •    Serving as a resource for community groups on issues, programs, sources of funding, and compliance requirements within state government in order to benefit and advance the interests of the Black community.
  •    Promoting the cultural arts within the Black community through coordinated efforts, advocacy, and collaboration with state government.
  •    Providing other information or advice or taking other actions as requested by the governor.”

     The Governor of Nevada, Governor Sisolak Sleestak, similarly declared racism to be a “public health crisis”.

     He went on to cite “[i]nstitutional and systemic racism” which will be dealt with by the Office of Minority Health and Equity. Yet again, we see not only the citation of “equity”, but the presumption that racism is “systemic”. If you thought the government making you wear a mask due to Corona-chan was tyranny, imaging the emergency measures that they could impose to “cure” racism!

     This is particularly insidious because most people don’t realize what “systemic racism” really means, and they won’t tell you what it means. They consider it proof of racism for not knowing. “Systemic racism” is a Motte & Bailey fallacy. They will push the previously noted definition (the Bailey), but when attacked retreat to the false claim that they mean “racism” in the old dictionary sense of believing one race is superior to the other (the Motte). “Systemic racism” has an academic definition. It’s the belief that the U.S. was founded as a racist society & that racism is embedded in all social institutions, structures, & social relations. It is presumption that every element of society is “racist” and must be “fundamentally transformed” and driven by by people who look at Zimbabwe and say “it’s a start”; to oppose “systemic racism” requires one to completely overthrow the existing order

     This is far more dangerous that you realize. It makes those with “racism” (which the Left defines as all & only White people) mentally diseased, or at least carriers of mental disease, thus justifying that state declaring “racists” mentally ill or even mandating treatment? Will they “cure” the “disease” of “racism” in this “public health crisis” like they cured Winston in “1984” or Alex from “A Clockwork Orange”?   Yes, it sounds too crazy now, but then a male using women’s facilities by declaring their “gender identity” was “woman” sounded too crazy until it started to become implemented—and it is proclamations like these that will serve as the bedrock for who knows what insanity.

Pictured: “Anti-Racist” Healthcare.

     “Systemic Racism” means that everything is racist and to fight it and be “anti-racist” you must completely destroy all elements of society and start at a woke “year zero”, and a “health crisis” is the perfect excuse to do so.

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