Equity: The Cure Worse Than The Purported Disease

     “Racism”, as the hard/academic Left defines it, has already been declared a “public health crisis” in many states and localities. The Center for Disease Control is even trying to peddle this wokeness via “Critical Race Theory”. The danger of these “Equity” and “Inclusion” boards set-up to infiltrate all elements of the public sector and direct resources and planning towards a woke future without the vast majority of people recognizing what is even going on; an example of how this spreads is warranted.

     And we have been warned where this can go. People can homeschool their children and if they are lucky have a choice of being an independent worker or selecting a non-insane employer, but sooner or later the reach of government will affect you, and you will sooner or later run out of places to escape to (if you are lucky enough to be able to up and leave)—for no “safe space” will protect you.

     Kids are only their gateway. This ideology is totalitarian.

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