Paladins of Wokeness

     It is popular amongst some people to see “Social Justice”, such as with #BlackLivesMatter, as simply a form of extortion on the same lever as the Mafia—which is unfair to the Mafia.   Certainly, the people who push “implicit bias training” are looking to make money, and those who riot and loot in the name of “social justice” often expect unearned privileges, but while the ultimate quest is one of power over some over others, there is a significant difference between the “Social Justice” wannabe-revolutionaries and the Mafia: The Mafia understands what they are doing and generally speaking won’t kill the “golden goose” or otherwise let personal feelings get in the way of business if others don’t make it personal; in contrast, the revolting Woke Left are true believers who will ruin everything for everyone in their quest to immanentize the eschaton since “Wokeness Vult!”.

     In other words, they are Paladins of Wokeness, or perhaps more accurately Hashashiyan for “Social Justice”.

     This is similar to C. S. Lewis’ observation on the difference between the roober baron and omnipotent moral busybodies.

     This is why “Social Justice” is so dangerous: It is a cult of religions zealots who can’t be reasoned with or bargained with who are willing to destroy themselves in order to enter a heavenly state of wokeness once they’ve proven their devotion and immanentized the eschaton.

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