Venezuela: LOL What Elections?

     Venezuela President has packed Venezuela’s organs of power, such as their Supreme Court, with minions. Unsurprising, then that said Supreme Court effectively handed the “power of the purse” over to El Presidente:

“Venezuela’s Supreme Court has consolidated President Nicolás Maduro’s power with a decision that removes budgetary authority from the nation’s Congress, the only institution that is controlled by the opposition.

“The ruling late Tuesday came as opponents of the president prepared to gather enough signatures for a recall referendum to force him from office.

“The judges’ decision allows the court itself to approve Mr. Maduro’s budget, which he is expected to present by decree on Friday. The move caps a yearlong effort by the leftist government to use the courts, which are controlled by Maduro loyalists, to neutralize the Congress.”

     This comes on the heal of the opposition winning a supermajorities late last year. Not surprising considering that Venezuela is spiraling evermore downward into economic hell.

     Venezuela is the model example of “tram ride democracy“, where “democracy” is touted until power is secured… only to be discarded lest others use the same to grab power for themselves.

Maduro & Stalin

     Funny how the Americas are becoming homogenized in at least some cultural respects…

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