Democracy No Longer Useful to Venezuelan Leftists

     The Left love to declare that they represent “the people” and that they gain legitimacy because they are democratically chosen and thus their schemes are always considered legitimate to the point where dissent is practically treason.  Yes, they love democracy, until the people turn against them:

“Venezuela’s Supreme Court has blocked the parliamentary super-majority won by the opposition in December’s landmark elections, in a move denounced by opposition leaders as a “judicial coup” by President Nicolas Maduro.

“The court – which critics complain is stacked with pro-government judges – granted a request from Mr Maduro to suspend three opposition parliamentarians who were due to take office on Tuesday. It will now consider a legal challenge filed by the Socialist government, which has alleged a “criminal” vote buying plot and other electoral fraud on the part of the opposition. One Socialist parliamentarian has also been suspended.

“But the opposition insisted the elected parliamentarians would turn up to be sworn in”

The opposition has defiantly sworn in the “ineligible” deputies, setting up a confrontation that could see Maduro drop any pretense of democracy

     Even without a supermajority, what could Maduro possibly do to get around an opposition Congress?  Simply create a “people’s assembly” packed full of cronies:

“If they lose the three deputies, those powers will be diminished. They will still be able to remove cabinet ministers, among other possible moves. But, crucially, they will not be able to call a referendum – such as their much hoped for recall vote on Mr Maduro’s presidency – or change the constitution.

“The opposition had already been enraged by government moves to curtail its new power. Mr Maduro has announced a ‘people’s parliament’ to run alongside the Assembly, and last week used an extraordinary legislative session to appoint 13 new judges and 23 substitute judges to the 32-member Supreme Court.”

     The Supreme Court is another way Maduro could get around Congress… which has been happening in the United States of America for a long, long time.

     Update: The Assembly has begun removing portraits of Hugo Chávez, raising the prospects of confrontation, which may not go well for them considering that Maduro has the full support of the military and would side with him against the democratically elected Assembly.

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