The Oppression Narrative

     We have previously mentioned the re-write of the AP guide for History.  The new AP guide for teaching History is nothing less than (yet another) declaration of war against the very essence of America.

     Elizabeth Price Foley over at Instapundit has termed the MiniTru approved truth as “the oppression narrative.”  An apt label for an education system that tears down American civilization as an “evil” and replaces it with a Howard Zinnified version of reality.  As Foley notes:

“How about just teaching our children about the founding, the Constitution, and the major historical eras?  It isn’t a cultural anthropology or a race/gender relations class…  [T]he emphasis on oppression and ‘mini-nationalism’ groups will breed hatred and bigotry, rather than unify a diverse country.”

     The use of “education” to pimp propaganda for indoctrination is well documented, from teaching kids to eviscerate the Bill of Rights, to selective and biased rewriting of history.

     Stanley Kurtz, a senior fellow with the Ethics and Public Policy Center, summarizes what is at stake:

“’If we don’t know our history; if we don’t understand the principles of American government; if we don’t understand what the Constitution is; then we won’t be able to understand that the Constitution is potentially violated by a president who is overreaching.’


“Although seemingly absurd, ‘American history will not be about America,’ he says. American exceptionalism, to left-wing ideologues, is a quaint and excessively positive notion to be discredited through re-education efforts. Leftists decry patriotism that emanates from history that touts American exceptionalism. The ideologues believe that, without proper training and re-education, Americans would exhibit excessive bias against those who are not Americans.


“Kurtz argues that ‘by undercutting the traditional American story’ of understanding how the principles of liberty and equality have worked to unify citizens, progressives want to focus on oppression and hyper sensitivities of race, gender and class. This liberal orthodoxy and recreation of America’s history, Kurtz warns, mean that progressives are ‘setting themselves up for a lot of dangerous mini-nationalisms’ that cause bigotry and hatred.”

     A broader view of this “Fundamental Transformation:

     As a reminder, here is the AP Guide:

AP Us History Course and Exam Description


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