The Mexican War Propagandized as the “North American Invasion”

     High school educational material from Brown University’s “Choices” program, which included required reading about Mexico, is little more than anti-American propaganda.

     “Bookworm,” of Bookworm Room blog, shares with us a selection from his kids homework assignment.  Aside from blaming America, and the free market system. for all of Mexico’s problem, it also stoops to refer to the Mexican War as the North American Invasion:

“The territorial losses of the North American Invasion (Mexican-American War) are still a common point of reference in Mexican politics.”

     Yet again, we see the indoctrination of kids used to de-legitimize America.  This dovetails neatly with the calls for “reconquista” of Aztlán, as outlined in “Plan Espiritual de Aztlán

     They even include a vile cartoonish depiction of a border guard:

     Note how this compares with the depiction of a police officer from a “Occupy Wall Street” coloring book:

     A full page from the “assignment”:

Choices Program on Mexico for High School students

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