Born That Way?

     It has been well declared by the Left that if one is “trans” then they are “born that way” while at the same time they declare that “gender is a social construct.”

     Just as with whether one is straight or a non-oppressor has a double standard where gay considered normal, while straight is considered an aberration to be abandoned, a child whose parents declare that their special little snowflake is “trans” means that that child was “born that way,” a child who grows up normally is considered an aberration to be forced to choose a more politically correct “gender identity”…

     Boys are girls.  War is peace.  Up is down…

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3 Responses to Born That Way?

  1. avatar Cato the Rebel Without a Party says:

    And hatred is tolerance.

    • avatar 1234 says:

      And gender identity disorder is gender identity disorder. You are tolerated and accepted regardless. Peace and all the best to you.

  2. avatar Enza says:

    Charles Manson’s mother dressed him as a girl for punishment. No, all kids who are purposely confused by their parents will not become serial-killing-cult-leaders. I’m not sure it did him a lot of good though. Also, was that note above a joke? It seems so cruel.

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