Tranformative Socialism: “Changing Values”

     One of the most basic traits of Progressivism, socialism, and the assorted menagerie of Leftist ideologies, is that society must be reshaped according to “correct thinking.”  The values, mores, and beliefs are the pillars that support society, and make it what it is.  The rabid Left associates any and all flaws with these fundamental underlying principles, and so seek to destroy it.  Because they associate such evil with society, and more narrowly with Western Civilization and America in particular, they see the absence of that civilization as necessarily good, and thus amenable to their own utopian delusions.

     Rarely, though, does the Left come right out and say it.  Democratic Congressman Clyburn has admitted that Obamacare is about “changing values”:

     Obamacare isn’t really about providing quality healthcare to the needy, but about re-engineering social values and nudging Americans towards “correct thinking.”

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