Fighting Mandatory DEI Support in California

     Universities and colleges have increasingly demanded “diversity statements” to suss out thoughtcriminals, if not outright demanding fealty to the “DEI” agenda.   Some states’ legislatures have fought back, but in California, it is the people who must fight back against their own government.

“A policy that requires scholars seeking a job at UC Santa Cruz to provide a diversity, equity and inclusion statement as part of the application process is unconstitutional, argues a recently filed lawsuit against the University of California system and UCSC leaders.

“The Pacific Legal Foundation filed the lawsuit on behalf of J.D. Haltigan, a former University of Toronto psychology professor, who argues the university’s DEI statement requirement runs afoul of the First Amendment because it requires Haltigan ‘to express ideas with which he disagrees in order to be eligible for employment.’

“The lawsuit states UC Santa Cruz applicants “must express agreement with specific socio-political ideas, including the view that treating individuals differently based on their race or sex is desirable.’”

     Yup, definitely a totalitarian ideology keeping out any who dare question it.

“But Haltigan’s support of colorblind inclusivity, viewpoint diversity and merit-based evaluations stands against UC Santa Cruz’s publicly stated progressive stances and policies, it alleges.

“‘Because the DEI Statement Requirement requires Dr. Haltigan to affirm particular beliefs that are inherently separate from the qualifications for the position or the purpose of the University as a whole, it imposes a condition on employment that would be unconstitutional if done outright,’ the lawsuit states.

“This case ‘could not only put an end to the use of DEI statements to screen applicants in the UC system,” it could also “create good precedent for future challenges to these sort of policies’”

     Why it’s as if “DEI” didn’t mean “diversity, equity, and inclusion”, but rather, a others have noted, actually stand for “discrimination, exclusion, and inequality”.

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