Utah vs. Diversity Statements

      Universities and colleges are increasingly requiring “diversity statements” which serve as pledges to wokeness and praxis. Now, Utah may end up stepping up to the plate and start swinging back by banning any such “diversity statements” for not only higher education, but K-12, procurement by the state, and government employees. HB 541 says, in part:

(1) (a) As used in this section, “prohibited submission” means a submission, statement, or document that requires a person to articulate or demonstrate the person’s position on a policy or initiative regarding, or other consideration of, race, color, ethnicity, sex, national origin, or age.

(b) “Prohibited submission” includes a submission, statement, or document that relates to a policy, program, or initiative regarding:

(i) diversity, equity, and inclusion;

(ii) anti-racism;

(iii) implicit bias; or

(iv) critical race theory.

(2) An institution may not request a prohibited submission to take action with respect to:

(a) employment, including decisions regarding:

(i) hiring;

(ii) terms of employment;

(iii) benefits;

(iv) seniority status;

(v) tenure;

(vi) promotion;

(vii) transfer; or

(viii) appointment;

(b) admissions and aid, including:

(i) admission to any program, club, or course;

(ii) financial or other forms of aid or assistance; or

(iii) other benefits from the institution for which a person is eligible; or

(c) degree requirements, including:

(i) requirements to obtain credits; or

(ii) requirements for graduation.

(3) An institution may not grant any form of preferential consideration to a person who, without solicitation from the institution, provides a prohibited submission for consideration for any action described in Subsection (2).

      Wokeness should have no place in government and public institutions, which ought to be for all and not a tool of the few to cudgel the rest.

      The full bill as introduced can be read here or below:

Utah HB 451 (2023) by ThePoliticalHat

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