Biden’s Praxis

     In 2021, President Biden rescinded the ban on “diversity and sensitivity” training that instituted racial divisiveness and discrimination, i.e. implemented “praxis”, via Executive Order. Now, he has promulgated an Executive Order that requires the implementation of “equity”. “Equity”, to remind you dear reader, does not mean equality of outcomes, but countering the thesis of White/Male/&c. “privilege” by an equal and opposite antithesis of discrimination against the “privileged” in order to achieve the equality in all things that is the synthesis of their eschaton that this Executive Order is designed to immanentize.

     This executive order requires all agencies and departments to form “Agency Equity Teams” and to submit “Agency Equity Teams” to provide the praxis of their reinvisioning of America into some woke utopia. But it goes farther than that. This praxis is intersectional with includion of Gender and Environmental Justice, and tosses in an obsession with Urban living specifically.

     “Affirmatively Advancing” Civil Rights requirement is reminiscent of Obama’s “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” plan. In Obama’s housing scheme, he sought to re-engineer all aspects of American housing and neighborhoods. It is clear that Biden seeks to re-engineer all aspects of American society. It is social engineering sub rosa and without even an enabling act!

     And remember, under these past schemes, lack of equality of results is presumed to be discrimination caused by the system, that must be combated by “anti-discrimination” against privileged groups.

All this will happen where most people can’t see it happen. They will be warned and those of us will more often than not be Cassandras.   Do not let that happen. Inform people about what is going on, but do so with facts and not histrionic emotionalism.

     An archive of the Executive Order can be found here.

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