Institutional Revolution

     The rioting and nascent “revolutionaries” are an institutional revolution—not a revolution for the institutions of government, but a revolution by and for the institutions of government. Not just bureaucratic employees or legislative staff, but even elected officials are are participating in the riots/revolution, such as is the case with Kentucky Sate Rep. Attica Scott, who was arrested with a group that set fire to the main library branch.

     But these state and local elected officials are not cracking down—not on the violent rioters, of course, but of groups that are standing against the rioters, most notably the “Proud Boys” (who were not looting, torching stuff, or otherwise trying to terrorize people), including the Governor of Oregon demanding that police sweep in and use gas that the police were prohibited from using against the #BlackLivesMatter/Antifa (who were not looting, torching stuff, or otherwise trying to terrorize people)!

     Heck, there is now a call, by the Attorney General of New York even, that police not arrest people who have warrants out for their arrest of real criminals! These riots/”revolutions” have the support of government. Criminals have the support of the government. These elected officials see you as the enemy to be crushed by means that they don’t even accuse their enemies of.

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