Amazon Rights

     Amazon how has rights according to a court. Oh, this doesn’t have to do with the company or to the female warriors of Greek mythology, but with the South American river filled with parasites, disease, piranhas, and disease.

     The Supreme Court of Columbia has decided that running water through a geological feature is the same as a human being when it comes to human rights. This is yet another example of lunatics and twig-worshiping Gaia lovers who push “nature rights“. The Amazon joins the Ganges, Yamuna, and Whanganui rivers in gaining “rights”.

     Some of these lunatics compare a river with human slaves:

“Transforming nature from being treated as property under the law, to be considered as rights-bearing — and thus in possession of legally enforceable rights — is the focus of the growing Rights of Nature movement.

“Throughout history, women, indigenous peoples, and slaves have been treated as property under the law, without legal rights. Legal systems around the world today treat nature as property, and thus right-less. Under these systems, environmental laws regulate human use of nature, resulting in the decline of species and ecosystems worldwide, and the acceleration of climate change.”

     This is tantamount to declaring that merely rowing down a river is tantamount to rape.

     This does not elevate nature; this denigrates human beings.

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