Google vs. Witches

     Self-Declared “Witches“, usually of the Tumblr variety, have always prided themselves as being on the side of social justice or Bernie Sanders, while being against the long-gone Confederate States of America, gentrification, or Donald Trump.

     Now, they have to fight an unexpected enemy: Google.

“There is no scientific evidence that magic exists, but thousands of people involved in witchcraft are convinced they can make magic potions and cast spells using materials found in our natural environment.

“[Marian Green, 77, a seasoned white witch and author] said: ‘Technology is killing magic. We do not need to be separated from the natural world, but an awful lot of young people grow up today distanced from nature.

“‘Young people don’t go outside. When I was a kid there was no technology and I spent all day outside.’

“She said schools may teach children about the woods, but they might go home and say ‘Mum, what is an oak tree?'”

     Those arrayed against Western Civilization always eat their collaborators, don’t they…

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