Toilet Witches for Transpersons

     Funny, how it is always the “scientific” Left who keep on invoking witchcraft in support of their political and social ideals.  A company called “Problem Glyphs” are offering posters that promise to “hex” anyone opposed to grown men using the ladies’ restroom!

     Such solid and reasonable arguments were made there!

     Just more proof that the Left care about feelz, not rationality.

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2 Responses to Toilet Witches for Transpersons

  1. avatar harbqll says:

    No worries. Just tap two islands for two points of blue mana, and cast counterspell. Problem solved.

  2. avatar Ken in NH says:

    To break the hex? Piss on the sigil. That will be easy enough for me to do, but not so easy for a woman pretending to be a man in the men’s room.

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