The Othering of Cis-Normative Unpersons

     Once upon a time, boys’ restrooms/lockerrooms/showers/&c. were for actual biological boys and girls’ restrooms/lockerrooms/showers/&c. were for actual biological girls because society recognized that such distinctions existed and boys and girls might want privacy from each other in a potentially vulnerable environment.

     But those icky times are no longer here, as boys can use girls’ spaces and visa versa. No longer will these “trans-gendered kids” be “othered” or made “unpersons” because they set themselves up as being different. So, no more “othering” because that “othering” and making those “others” “unpersons” is bad, right?


     Girls who are afraid of being vulnerable and even naked in front of boys are now to be “othered” and treated, via school policy, as “unpersons”:

“Newly-approved guidelines in Minnesota direct K-12 public school officials to ‘segregate’ students uncomfortable with using transgender bathrooms and locker rooms, all in the name of inclusivity, of course.

“With the approval of a new gender toolkit from a Minnesota Department of Education advisory council on Wednesday, all publicly-funded schools (including charter schools) within the state now have detailed instructions addressing the inclusion and protection of ‘gender nonconforming’ and trans students.

“But not all students are being protected: school officials are also told to ‘segregate’ any student hesitant about the new trans rules, which would potentially include female students changing side-by-side with male students in a locker room.”

     This is nothing more than bullying thoughtcriminals.

     At least these “cisnormtive” kids aren’t being hexed by witches… oh, wait.

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