Venezuela’s Not-So-Cold Civil War Grows Hotter

     Venezuela, the land of rationed toothpaste, is seeing an actual civil war with opposing side claiming legitimacy, and growing increasingly violent.

     Venezuela’s Congress has declared Maduro’s hand-picked lackey’s on Venezuela’s Supreme Court to be illegitimate and appointed their own new Supreme Court. Maduro has in turn threatened to arrest the Congress’ appointments. Each side is claiming to be the only legitimate power, and both are claiming popular mandate, though the Congress was elected more recently than Maduro. Each side is also setting up their own referenda. The Congress’ support has shown massive support, while voters snub Maduro’s attempt to legitimize a constitutional super-body.

     That support has manifested in outright attacks on Venezuelan National Guardsmen, who have been stripped naked and beaten in revenge for earlier street violence by the Guardsmen. And now, opposition leaders are disappearing.

     Of course, Venezuela is being steered towards becoming Cuba 2.0, with perhaps the assistance of actual Cuban troops!

     Funny how socialist revolutions always devolve into militaristic dictatorships…

     Update: Additional material added.

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