The Resistance: Because Once Again Dissent Is Considered Patriotic

     When George W. Bush was President, dissent was the highest for of Patriotism. After Barack Obama was elected, dissent quickly became not only treasonous, but also racist. Now that the President will soon again be affiliated with the doubleplusungood Republicans, not only is dissent patriotic again, but outright “resistance” is praised by all the Leftist virtue signalers out there.

“Even though the election was over a month ago, and Hillary Clinton will never be president, the lib/prog sense of outragey outrage has not subsided. In fact, it’s even greater now than it was originally. So much so that there’s been some loose talk on the left of ‘resistance’ ( *snort* ) and even “revolution” ( *guffaw* ), which raises some obvious questions about how they intend to pull off an armed revolution. After all, the military is in the hands of those the liberals consider to be their enemies. Also, U.S. armed forces tend to skew conservative, so a military intervention or coup would be a non-starter. And then there’s the pesky fact that the overwhelming majority of private gun owners undoubtedly voted for Trump.

“So, obviously, the progressive plan for ‘resistance’ (excuse me, #TheResistance) has not been well thought out. I think it consists mainly of Keith Olbermann shouting at the wall from his basement redoubt at GQ Magazine.”

     This insanity not only validates those who reluctently voted for Trump, but helps bring many of the #NeverTrump crowd over to at least be willing to work with Trump. As the veritable David Burge noted:

     Or, to put it in a more blunt, and meme-friendly way:

     Stay crazy, Leftists… stay crazy.

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