The Gatekeepers of Free Speech

     We have ceded our free speech to private businesses that are controlled by Leftists.  They are the gatekeepers.  In the name of “free speech” we are allowing an elite few to destroy free speech, and more generally America.

     Reddit is but one exampleGoogle is going to rank results based on their idea of the “truth”.  Amazon, eBay, &c. can quash any reference to anything they want.

     You can be fired for stating politically incorrect ideas that are uttered outside of work, or even just expressing the support for people to say such utterances.

     America used to be about pluralism and tolerance.  Yes there was a common bond that embodied American Exceptionalism, but it wasn’t regimented or limited, but liberating.  We would put up with idiocy, and not go out of our way to punish people for wrongthink if it didn’t effect us.  This was necessary when you have people who disagree but want to live as civilized human beings.

     As Daniel Hannan noted:

You tolerate objectionable behavior up to the point of incitement.

You tolerate eccentricity up to the point of madness.

You tolerate offensiveness up to the point of harassment.

Toleration means you tolerate.  It means you tolerate what you find utterly appalling.

     Now, a select few rich Leftists can control and shape debate (via the Gramscian march).  Truth can be memoryholed to be replaced by “the truth”, and minority opinions can be made to seem like an overwhelming majority.

     The internet, once, was a way of side-stepping the gatekeepers of speech in the press, radio, or television.  Now, with the concession of communication handed over to a far Left elite, the gatekeepers have arisen yet again.

     This reversal happened in five stages:

We see this as a part of a larger trend internet-wise; the attempts by the SJW and left to control the internet conversations have met with resistance and rebellion from the internet ‘base’ itself:

  1. Internet spawned user-generated content creates cultural mix free-for-all. Initially, this was a plus for conservatives who didnt have access to mainstream media.
  2. leftists assign themselves gatekeeper roles to control internet culture. (Reddit was started by Obama supporters)
  3. They use it to push their agenda. (jornolist, MediaMatters, etc.)
  4. Opponents get punished (Brendan Eich).
  5. Punishments and divisivenesss causes backlash (Gamergate).

     Is it too late to reclaim the wide-open freedom we had briefly won back?

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6 Responses to The Gatekeepers of Free Speech

  1. avatar linda jackson says:

    I am recalling a world when men told women what to think and how to behave and what was permissible and what was forbidden. During this time men created strip clubs, bordellos, saloons, prohibited liquor then made it legal, included an ominous clause in wedding vows that read: “Til death do you part”, which consequently lead to a lot of homicides inside marriages which proved most detrimental for the wife who wanted out of a seriously bad marriage. Whatever you are suggesting about left-winged politics really has nothing to do with either extreme. It just makes good sense to let people live a little and own their own thoughts, like what you just did in sharing this article. Stop living in the past. Change is a constant. Take the hint.

    • The Political Hat The Political Hat says:

      LOL Wut?

      So it’s totes cool for a tiny elite to effectively control speech because of some male tin-foil hat conspiracy to enslave and kill their wives?

  2. avatar Hawkins1701 says:

    I think Gamergate proves that it’s not too late.

    It also showed that people otherwise of the Left didn’t care for their hobby being threatened and invaded by people more Left than them.

    In theory, as the Left (what Gamergate calls SJWs) gets more and more vicious, petty, threatening, and overbearing, more people will realize that their utopia ain’t such a great thing after all.

    In theory.

  3. avatar Hawkins1701 says:

    Not to imply that Gamergate is all of the Left; quite the opposite. Just that it has liberal and Leftist supporters who differentiate themselves from the true hardcore Left, the SJWs.

  4. avatar Hawkins1701 says:

    Tying this together with another recent post:

    More videogames. Less public school.

    For the kids. 🙂

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