Quick Takes – Reeducated Rape, Reeducated History, Reeducated Professors

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Reeducation

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     The “yes means yes” insanity being imposed on college campuses “effectively defines every sexual encounter as rape unless you follow the law’s specific requirements” is now being taught as gospel truth to underaged children:

“Now [California state Senator] de Leon is moving on to round two: Teaching high school students the ‘correct’ way to have sex. Human nature is no longer the correct way. De Leon knows the correct way — and it involves a lot of questions.

“The California state senate just passed S.B. 695, which adds affirmative consent instruction to high school health courses. The bill passed by a vote of 39-0 and had bipartisan support.”

     It’s almost as if the Junior Anti-Sex League is about to be formed for real…

     Not to be content with redefining what consensual sex has been throughout history, the insane Left want to rewrite history itself:

“The overriding culture of this country seems to be driven by academics and institutions like the BBC ‘virtue signalling,’ pushing this narrative of, ‘oh, aren’t we awful,’ and while this gets short term flattery from the likes of the North London liberal set it’s creating a terrible legacy in this country. Without this self-flagellating behaviour it’s unlikely Arab and black students would be standing together and agitating against the allegedly uniquely evil whites, all the while in Saudi Arabia citizens sell castrated slaves, Afro-Saudis are barred from important positions and forbidden from appearing on camera and numerous other racist laws are in place, leading Daniel Greenfield to describe it as the ‘real apartheid state’.”

     But aren’t there any good teachers who will stand up against this insanity?  Not if they want to gain tenure, they don’t.  Meet “Inclusive Excellence“:

“‘Inclusive excellence’  is based on the idea that different social and cultural groups have their own standards for excellence that cannot be shared or in most cases even translated across group boundaries. The excellence pursued by white Americans is one thing; that pursued by African-Americans another. The excellence pursued by women is one thing; that pursued by men is another. Under the doctrine of ‘inclusive excellence,’ a university makes clear that it recognizes and values the distinctive excellences of each and every campus group.

“Well, not really. In practice it means having separate (and lower) expectations for some groups than others.  A simple translation of ‘inclusive excellence’ is that it is affirmative action for ideas. Ideas that are too weak, too flawed, too unsupported to withstand critical inspection get a sharply discounted admission ticket under the reign of ‘inclusive excellence.’ The doctrine clearly owes something to several decades of post-modernism and various other attempts to diminish respect for reason and rational inquiry.”



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