Are Amazon and eBay Pro-Genocide?

     Amazon, eBay, and several other companies have declared that they will not sell items with the Confederate Battle flag on it because said flag stood against their values.

     By refusing to sell Confederate battle flag (or Naval Jack) memorabilia on moral grounds, eBay and Amazon are saying they morally approve of anything they do sell.

     So, just what flags do they consider morally acceptable?


     The murderous regime of North Korea:


     The Khmer Rouge and their auto-genocidal regime:


     Say what you want about the South, but at least the South wasn’t committing industrial genocide like the NAZIs!

     And, of course, eBay also sells NAZI, Soviet Union, Communist China, and even Nation of Islam memorabilia. They even sell memorabilia and propaganda for a racist sociopath:

     Such moral companies…

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