Marriage, R.I.P.

     Marriage, R.I.P.

     Time Immemorial – 2015.

     Same-Sex Marriage Isn’t.

     What Will Be What Marriage Once Was?

     The Sundering of Marriage.

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2 Responses to Marriage, R.I.P.

  1. avatar linda jackson says:

    As far as I know marriage has been a rather flaky institution. Oriental civilization pre-planned who would marry who sometimes before the child was conceived. Some people won someone else’s servant in a poker game. There was a time families would try to marry into unrelated families based purely on financial consideration. Marriage was once a business proposition- “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”
    The Catholic church came up with a funny renege they call annulment which means you never got married in the first place even if you stayed under the same roof for decades and had nine children and shared his last name. Then, there’s that name thing where for some odd reason it had to be his last name not hers. Now you can either hyphenate or take her last name. Her last name is just as good as his. Why must people fight for every little thing? You catch my meaning?

    • avatar The Political Hat says:

      This isn’t about adjusting the boundaries of legal particulars, but of purging the core definition of marriage and replacing it with something fundamentally different.

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