The Sundering of Marriage

     Marriage is no longer what it once was: A social more protect by law intended to channel the energy and sexual drive of men and women into a stable family where children can be loved and raised.

     With same-sex “marriage” and the rise of illegitimacy, sexual reproduction has been severed in society from love or raising children, respectively.  Now, a court ruling means that raising children now has nothing to do with sexuality or love:  “In a first of its kind ruling in New York, a Manhattan judge has given a couple who’re just friends the green light to become legal co-parents to an adopted girl.”

     Getting a child to raise now has nothing to do with love between the “co-parents” or even anything to do with sex.  Similarly, “marriage” isn’t about sexual reproduction since it is biologically impossible for two people of the same sex to have a child between them, nor is it tied into child-raising for that reason.  Sex, then, becomes purely about pleasure and an emotional drug, with marriage being delayed or abandoned, and contraceptives/abortion allowing people to have sex without consequences.

     These things were once tied into marriage, and the institution stabilized all three of those factors into a social good that benefited all.  They are now rent asunder.

     ‘Tis a brave new world that we face.  We are truly living in the proverbial “interesting times.”

     A little sundering mood music:

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