Communist Chinese Co-Parent or Mao’s Children

     The state as co-parent or even primary parent of a child is a concept that isn’t unknown to the West. But is is but fascinating when Western parents praise Communist China for making their children subservient and obedient… superficially to them but ultimately to Leviathan. After all, what kind of person would unabashedly say “I had to accept that my growing belly had become community property”?

“We weighed the pros of the Chinese route (our girls would learn fluent Mandarin and, hopefully, a broadened worldview) and the cons (exposure to Communist Party propaganda and potential social isolation of being foreigners in a group of Chinese students). We took the plunge.”

     Meh, what’s a little Commie indoctrination, after all?

“Our stringent government co-parent quickly made its presence felt. The girls’ Chinese kindergarten lectured on us everything, including how many hours our daughters should sleep, what they should eat and their optimal weight. Each morning all of the students performed calisthenics in straight rows and raised China’s red flag while singing the national anthem. Classroom windows were usually kept open to increase air circulation and prevent contamination by airborne illnesses, even during winter, when the kids would attend class wearing their coats.

“We sometimes felt as if our children were on loan to us for evenings and weekends, to be delivered back to school each weekday.”

     And how they loved that their little tykes were Leviathan’s Children.

“Over time, the benefits kicked in. Constantly served up moral, history and culture lessons on pulling together for the sake of the Chinese nation, our girls came home discussing self-discipline, integrity and respect for elders.”

     And, of course, the parents praised their Commie overlords.

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