The Not-So-Free State Of George Floyd

     We live in a country where people can look at the hellhole that the CHAZ/CHOD “autonomous” zone in Seattle and declare that “that wasn’t a real non-hierarchical utopian commune” and then build that same d**n thing with the inevitable results.

     Minneapolis has it’s own “autonomous zone” that they’ve declared the “Free State of George Floyd”… that isn’t so free, especially for those who are physically attacked by violent scum who find refuge in this “hate-free” paradise.

     This person was beaten and treated at a hospital by a criminal who came back to threaten him with a gun and then came back again to threaten him. Things got so bad that the police wouldn’t even enter this no-go zone. Despite identifying the criminal, the police can’t arrest him because he is being protected by this idyllic paradise of wokeness. ‘Twould seem that being pro-criminal (or at least when the criminals are Black or “anti-racist”) is a common thread amongst these wannabe revolutionaries.

     It’ll only be a matter of time before Minneapolis is also declared an “Anarchist Jurisdiction”.

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