“Justice” Is Just An Excuse For Riot & Revolution

     “Racial Justice” or “Social Justice” is the rallying cry of “anti-racists” who claim that there is a plague of police who are executing innocent men who happen to be Black in order to maintain a “White Supremacy” that is “fascist” thus justifying Antifa “Black Bloc” revolutionaries. But would they riot when a police officer is clearly defending themself against a crazed and armed attacker like this officer below did?

     Of course they would riot! Obviously a police officer who doesn’t let some crazed lunatic kill them is by merely not dying oppressing people with White Supremacy! </sarcasm>

     They’re gonna riot and try to start a revolution regardless of the truth, for they will not allow truth to interfere with their zealous belief that the status quo is evil and the only way to be anti-evil is to bring down the entire “system”.

     #BlackLivesMatter to the rioters/revolutionaries only in that they provide the excuse to riot and revolt.

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