Why Are Child Drag Shows Legal?

     In this woke new world, with such people in it, the hot new way of attacking sane society is with pre-teen drag queens. Little boys, who dress up like painted harlots and diseased skanks, such as “Queen Lactacia” and “Desmond is Amazing“, may seem to be simple freak exceptions to a sane rationality about this, but this is a big enough problem that legislation has been introduced in Ohio to ban “drag shows” boys dressed up like aged skank hoes.

“A 9-year-old’s performance in drag at an Ohio bar has led state lawmakers to introduce legislation to ban such activity as ‘endangering children.’

“House Bill 180, introduced earlier this month by state Rep. Tim Schaffer, comes after online outrage over a video of Jacob Measley of suburban Toledo accepting money from onlookers while performing at a drag charity event held at a Fairfield County bar last December.”

     How is this not already banned under the law? Just because there is no nudity doesn’t mean that this isn’t of a prurient or pornographic nature. Remember: pornography ≠ nudity. Just because someone is covered doesn’t mean that it isn’t sexual in nature, in the same way that someone taking a picture of “babies first bath time” isn’t a baby rapist.

     Of course, only videos and photos that have been released to the public don’t show nudity…

     That this needs to be spelled out is a sad reflection of society today…

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