“So, just so you all know: Trans. Girls. Get. Periods.”

     Biological reality is not a strong area of understanding for those who buy into the entire “transgender” thing. People are told that gender is a completely different thing from biological sex, yet mutilating one’s body and doping up on hormones is called “gender affirming surgery”. But even then one would think that the actual physical differences between the sex organs of the two biological sexes would still be acknowledged. Apparently not

     The entire “trans” agenda is about deceiving people, inveigling institutional pillars of society, and obfuscating basic biological reality.

     A “period” is the menstrual cycle involving female reproductive systems and is related to a females reproductive capacity to gestate a baby. Without the requisite reproductive organs, a period can’t happen. Lack of menstruation is not lack of “one symptom” of having a period. Menstruation is having a period.

     Perhaps even more delusional is that idea that not only “gender identity” but biological sex itself is a social construct imposed on us by doctors working on behalf of an oppressive system of oppression.

     This is the inevitable route that the trans-gender movement has been slowly walking us down for decades. But this isn’t about science or even reality itself.

     It is basically a totalitarian form of sympathetic magic where they believe that they can be the opposite sex by taking on the superficial form and appellation thereof while stopping anyone from interrupting the magic spell by invoking objective biological reality.

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