When Transgender Rights and Socialized Healthcare Combine

     …the results are as sad as you’d think they’d be.

“A devastated young transgender woman says she has been left ‘disfigured and feeling like a freak’ following two botched gender reassignment operations.

“Kia, 26, from Wales, says she was forced to seek private treatment after the NHS procedures left herim in near-constant pain and with herim urethra permanently exposed, which she says means she is unable to have sex or urinate properly.

She says doctors also failed to inform her she had effectively been ‘castrated’ by the operations – as the procedures have left herim with limited sensation.

“The 26-year-old, who is suffering from anxiety, says she is still a virgin, has never had a boyfriend, and is desperate to lead a ‘normal life’.

“‘I feel like a freak. I feel like I have been disfigured,'”*

     Aside from the subtext which suggests that this individual didn’t actually grok what was happening to his self, this is also a clear idea of how socialized healthcare is a disaster and harms patients.

     What makes this even more sad is that this surgery was not medically necessary.

“Immediately after the first surgery, Kia claims she went back to the hospital with heris complaints but was told she would have to wait nine months for a revision because heris original surgeon was on maternity leave.”

     Um, at this point it might have been a good idea to be thankful that the quack that mutilated him was unavailable and get a decent reconstructive surgeon.

     Of course, a redo didn’t work out either…

“Kia says she was forced to wait – but that when she eventually got a revision on June 14 this year, nothing changed.

She added: ‘I had two weeks off work – and after that time I realised that nothing was different. It was exactly the same.’

“The night after heris revision by heris original surgeon in June, heris stitches burst in the night and then again shortly afterwards on the train home.

“‘I can’t have sex. It just cannot accommodate anything. During arousal it just completely swells and blocks the entrance – the opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

“‘My urethra is just completely exposed. There is nothing covering it so it’s constantly painful and sore.

“‘I explained all of this to the surgeon. But nothing had been changed.'”

     Whether this victim follows others down a more terminal path, remains to be seen.

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