Quick Takes – Hypocrisy Incarnate: Intolerance for the Intolerant; Excluding the Non-inclusives; Desubjectifying Objectivity

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Do unto others…?

     First, a little bit of mood music:

     Carrying on…

     One of the arguments of the Left is that they aren’t innately intolerant, it’s just that it’s logical to be intolerant of the intolerant (like those bakers who they hunted down and were punished for refusing to “bake the cake”), with those defined axiomatically as the prime “intolerant” ones by the Left and the opposition, no matter how excessively more intolerant than the axiomatic villain, are considered “tolerant” for no other reason than they are defined as such.

Case in point:

“The Federalist’s Bethany Mandel penned a piece about the totalitarian-like Thought Police tactics of the Left when it comes to social issues like gay marriage and transgenderism. In the piece, aptly titled “How The Transgender Crusade Made Me Rethink My Support For Gay Marriage,” Mandel explains that witnessing the Left’s bullying tactics used against anyone who dares to suggest men are men and women are women or audaciously uses an ‘incorrect’ pronoun, has made her reevaluate her support for gay marriage and reaffirmed her stance on transgenderism.

“‘My answer for those on the Left who ask me “Why do you care what transgender individuals call themselves?” is simply this: because you have made me,’ concludes Mandel.

“Unsurprisingly, LGBTQ Editor for Think Progress Zach Ford had a serious problem with all this free expression.

“Perfectly illustrating Mandel’s point about the bully tactics of the Left, Ford went after Mandel on Twitter, complaining that the conservative even had the nerve to think such

‘odious’ things as the biological reality that men are men and women and women.

“In fact, Ford thinks such thought dissent shouldn’t even be allowed.”

     Putting idiotic musings into practice, professors at Utah Valley University were told to exclude those who weren’t “inclusive”, because (of course), it is the “others” who are not inclusive, and thus by excluding them one includes everyone… or something

“Most recently, the dean’s office of Utah Valley University, a public institution located in the north-central part of Utah, distributed a guidance letter to all faculty encouraging them to report to the school’s Behavior Assessment Team any students who use ‘inappropriate language,’ are ‘argumentative,’ or who speak ‘loudly.'”


     Ultimately, this is a question of rejecting or being open to reality. One’s subjective fancy is not reality, and no matter how much an unrealistic fantasy is held to be true… it is still, objectively, false.

“The natural correspondence between reason and reality, the correspondence denied by the authors of the literature textbook [C. S.] Lewis derides, is the same correspondence between simple things like pronouns to the physical reality of sex. Once reality becomes a function of one’s feelings, though, rather than vice versa, the concept of objective reality itself is destroyed. According to Lewis, as soon as society discards the ideas of reason, rationality, and self-awareness — the very traits that distinguish humanity from all other life on earth — mankind itself is abolished.”


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