The Most Racist?

     A “trans-woman” model who recently threw a privileged temper-tantrum as a model, has declared that the U.K. is the most racist country:

     Not only that, but that “racism” is not learned, but “inherited” thus making White people the most racist race ever!!1!

     Of course, the fact that the U.K. police throw people in jail for suspicions of making “racist” jokes, it is mighty peculiar to think that racism has institutional privilege or that White racists have institutional power.

     That Bergdorf calls White Britons, who led the charge to abolish millennia old pre-Western institutions of slavery around the world, the “most racist”, is laughable at best.

     That there are so many “racism” investigations and cases is not due to actual crimes motivated by racism, but by an obsession by people like Monroe Bergdorf to out all thought criminals. That this little diatribe was done by the government organ the British Broadcasting Corporation, further underscores how this clearly privileged individual—doubly so by ticking off both “trans” and “person of color” on the diversity checklist—is not oppressed.

     YouTuber Sargon of Akkad’s response to this is also worth viewing:

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