Marriage in Washington is Gay

     It has recently been reported that 17% of the “marriages” in Washington state were same-sex marriages.

     The high percentage is probably due to many same-sex couples rushing to “marry” as soon as it became legal.  However, this high number will invariably be touted as validating the insane theories of pervert Alfred Kinsey who declared that only 10% of the population was straight, and further demanding corrective actions by the state until the number of same-sex “wedding” meets the purported statistical levels the rabid Left expects.  In contrast, “[a]ccording to the 2010 Census, there were about 152,335 same-sex married couples and 440,989 same-sex unmarried couples in the United States,” which is less than the 10% that pure homosexuals are supposed to comprise of the population.

     To reduce the numbers father, “a quarter of the gay couples who got married this past year in Washington were from another state.”

     If the numbers for same-sex-marriages remain high, however, relatively speaking, would this somehow prove that there are a plethora of individuals who are sexually attracted to those of the same sex?  Or perhaps it is just a demonstration that “marriage” is becoming a privilege of the rich and elite, and that those who are homosexual or bisexual might be more likely to be well off than heterosexuals, on average?

     At that point, what is the logical and substantive reason to even have marriage?  What will be the institution for poor heterosexuals that marriage once was, and so accordingly served?

     Whither that pillar of society?

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