Harry Reid’s Money Buddy Sentenced to Two Years in Jail

     Bundler and longtime friend of Nevada Senator Harry Reid, Harvey Whittemore, was sentenced to two years in prison for writing “checks to 29 family members and employees to cover $133,400 in donations to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s campaign in 2007.”

     Lest people think that this is a steep verdict, the sentencing guidelines suggest a minimum of 41 months in prison.  Whittemore was given a lenient sentence because of his “history of extraordinary giving — an estimated $12 million over the past 20 years.”

     Because he was rich, he was given a light sentence.  Being buddies with “Searchlight’s Dim Bulb” Harry Reid probably didn’t hurt either.

     Sadly, Whittemore could have gotten away with it if he had been a bit smarter: “Today, the law would allow Whittemore to donate $150,000 to a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, and the public would never hear a thing about it.”  And there are many ways to do that.

     The question remains: How many other buddies of Harry Reid actually did it the smart way, and funneled it through a 501(c)(4)?

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