The Progressive Hydra

     The Progressive left’s multi-faceted attack on America involved separate organizations that mutually reinforce each other and forward a common cause, or at least direction for society.   The trinity of colleges & public schools, the news media, and the entertainment industry is one example, as is the Stand Alone Complex that enables the otherwise uninformed to be used as unwitting political tools.

     Labor Union Reports discusses a prime example of this over at RedState.  A leaked memo from the shadowy coordinating group called Blueprint NC (North Carolina) has shown light on how the Who’s Who of Progressive North Carolina interest groups and foundations have been partnering to “Eviscerate, Mitigate, Litigate, Cogitate, and Agitate” in order to achieve their goals.

     Each of these groups does not seem a threat on their own.  However, each one pushes its own, sometimes overlapping, facet of Progressivism, thereby adding to what they hope is an irresistible and unstoppable force for “social justice and equity.”  This is not unlike ants, while individually can be easily swept aside, can together take down far greater foes:

     If one of these groups is discredited, then not only do other take up the slack, but many other organizations will replace the one that had fallen.  Many people are familiar with ACORN, but how many even know about all their successor organizations?  That these organizations tend to be relatively unknown to the public, and present their public persona as being almost neutral or even beneficent just allows them to be that much more effective and able to coordinate.

     The full post by Labor Union Report is well worth reading in full.

     Below is the entire leaked memo for perusal and acquisition.

Blueprint NC Secret Memo by LaborUnionReport

     Hat Tip: Labor Union Report.

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