Nevada Gov. Sandoval Stands Up Against Gun Grabbers

     The Nevada legislature, controlled by an increasingly left wing Democratic party, considered a plethora of gun related bills.  Many good bills, such as proposals to allow people with valid CCW permits to carry on the public universities’ campuses, or to eliminate the “Grandfathered” local gun restrictions, were killed off by the anti-2nd Amendment forces.  Thankfully many of the anti-2nd Amendment bills also died.

     The one major exception was SB 221 which would have banned effectively all private gun sales.  The bill went to Gov. Sandoval, who was under pressure by New York Mayor Bloomberg to sign this “common sense” attack on freedom.

     Gov. Sandoval has now VETOED SB 221.  In addition, he has signed the pro-2nd Amendment SB 76:

“Under SB 76, a concealed carry weapon (CCW) applicant would only have to qualify with one handgun.  Current law requires that CCW applicants qualify with both a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver, should they wish to carry both kinds of handguns.”

     For Freedom.

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