2nd Amendment Under Assault in Nevada

     An “assault weapons” ban has been introduced in Nevada by the loathsome Sen. “Tick” Segerblom in the form of SB396. It would:

  • Prohibit the purchase, sale or transfer of commonly owned semi-automatic firearms under the political misnomer “assault weapons,” and makes a violation of any of these provisions a felony.
  • Prohibit the purchase, possession, sale or transfer of “large capacity magazines” – meaning standard capacity magazines capable of holding ten or more rounds.
  • Prohibit the purchase or possession of “metal piercing bullets” which is a clear attack on all ammunition.
  • Criminalize private transfers of firearms by requiring background checks on firearms transfers unless the person receiving the firearm has a Concealed Carry permit.

     A companion bill, AB234, by Assemblyman Horne would impost an excise tax on guns *and* bullets!

     It is bills, and legislators, like that that provide all the justification necessary for limiting the legislature to meeting only 120 days ever two years.

     Legislators can be contacted here, or alternately opinions can be given directly here.

     On the flip side there are some very good bills to support:

  • SB226 would eliminate local restrictions on gun owners, including gun registration schemes.
  • SB137 would make Nevada a “Constitutional Carry” state.
  • SB223 would allow employees at public colleges and K-12 schools who hold a valid CCW to carry on campus to protect their students.
  • AB340 would also require uniform application of gun laws by eliminated local restrictions.

     For freedom.

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2 Responses to 2nd Amendment Under Assault in Nevada

  1. avatar Justice Scalia says:

    Sir, assault weapons have as much to do with the 2nd amendment as inciting a riot has to do with the 1st amendment. Stop with the constitutional hysterics, and explain why this isn’t a reasonable policy that would benefit our community.

    • The Political Hat The Political Hat says:

      Bad analogy.

      Better analogy: Handing out guns to Mexican drug cartels has as much to do with the 2nd Amendment as “inciting a riot has to do with the 1st amendment.”

      Even better analogy: Guns with scary looking features which the media has dubbed “assault weapons” has as much to do with the 2nd Amendment as the actions of the PMRC had to do with the 1st Amendment.

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