Nevada Senate May Consider Gun Transfer Ban

     This Friday is the deadline for bills to pass out of committee in their originating house

     The Nevada Assembly’s Judicial Committee is considering SB221, which would criminalize the private transfer of firearms.

     It is being heard in committee Thursday 11th of April.  You can contact the Nevada Senate Health and Human Services Committee here.

     Legislators can be contacted here, or alternately opinions can be given directly here.

     In contrast, there are many pro-2nd Amendment bills that are not scheduled before the deadline.  You can contact the Assembly Judiciary committee to urge them to give a hearing on these bills, including:

  • AB143 would allow those who have a valid CCW to not lose their right to keep and bear arms on the public universities and college campuses of the Nevada System of Higher Education campuses (e.g. University of Nevada, Reno; Unvieristy of Nevada, Las Vegas, &c.)
  • AB340 would also require uniform application of gun laws by eliminated local restrictions.

     The members of the Judiciary committee are listed and contracted through the committee’s website.

     Please feel free to forward this information or post it elsewhere.

     For freedom.

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