The Punishment for Raping an 8 Year Old: A 5-10 Day suspension

     An 8 year old boy was forced by three classmates to perform oral sex on them.  While this in and of itself should enrage everyone who hears about it, the story gets even more enraging.  The punishment for the rapists was less than what a person could get for jaywalking:

“After the attack on the boy, the two third-graders received a five-day suspension, and the ringleader — who has since left the school — received a 10-day suspension”

     To make matters worse, the school knew the ringleader had past problems of a sexual nature:

“During the 2009-2010 school year, he was accused of touching a third-grade girl under her skirt during a reading class, according to a lawsuit filed last week by the girl’s mother.

“The lawsuit says the principal at the time, Charyn Koppelson, did nothing to punish the young perpetrator, or at least discourage his lewd behavior — and allowed him to continue attending the school as if nothing had happened.

“‘She said, “He’s just a kid,”‘ the girl’s mom told the News in March. “(The incidents) were never placed in the system at all.”

     Sadly, violence is normal at the elementary school, P.S. 194, where this occured:

“P.S. 194 has been on the state’s list of ‘persistently dangerous’ schools since 2011.

“A school makes the list when six violent incidents per 100 students are reported.

“According to the state’s most recent data, there were 11 physical assaults at the school with weapons and five physical assaults without weapons in academic year 2010-11.”

     Children can not get an education is such an environment.  Shut the school down.  It may be the only way to protect them.

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