Innocent Lark or Purposeful Indoctrination?

     Yet another example of the left’s warping of “gender” and assault on normalcy occurred in Milwaukee, when the Tippecanoe elementary school promoted a “gender bender” day where students were encouraged to cross-dress.

     The use of schools to push the idea that “gender” is just a social construct, and to promote contra-normative activities to overthrow the “cis-normative” oppression of society has been remarked upon before.  Though even amongst pre-pubescent kids there are measurable differences between the sexes, most of the more obvious differences become manifest after puberty is reached.  Clearly, by pushing gender-bending at such young ages, the Progressive left is trying to push the gender equivalent of Lysenkoism.

     There has been much insistence that this “gender-bender” day was simply a light lark, like a fancy dress ball where men dress as women, and visa versa, because it is not normal.  There is always the possibility that this is true, and it was just a lark.  But even if it were intended as such, the days when such things really were “just a lark” are long gone, and it has the effect of these “larks” in promoting the idea that “cis-normative” values are wrong and ought to be circumvented.

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