Nevada 2nd Amendment Update (Apr. 14th, 2013)

     An update on firearms related bills going through the legislature:

     The bad bills:

  • AB234 and SB396 were not passed out of their committees, and because of this: “[p]ursuant to Joint Standing Rule No. 14.3.1, no further action allowed.”  This does not mean that some parliamentary stunt can not be pulled in the future…

     However, two anti-civil liberties bills that attack our 2nd Amendment have been passed out of their original committees:

  • SB221 was amended and passed out of committee.  It allows people’s 2nd Amendment rights to be taken away if a doctor raises a concern, and without the normal due process of law via court order as is required now. It also puts limits and conditions on most private gun transfers
  • SB227 was amended and passed out of committee.  It lowers the standard that allows the state to revoke 2nd Amendment rights based on mental health similar to SB221.

     The pro 2nd Amendment bills AB143, SB137, AB340, SB223 are effectivly dead as they did not pass out of their general committees.

     However, two pro-2nd Amendment bills are still alive:

  • AB195, which would help ease the red tape for many CCW renewals was passed from Judiciary committee to the Committee on Ways and Means committee.
  • SB226 which would eliminate local restrictions on gun owners, including gun registration schemes was amended as do pass out of judiciary committee.

     Please feel free to forward this information or post it elsewhere.

     For Freedom.

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