Nevada Assembly Considering Gun Bills, Both Good & Bad

     The Nevada Assembly’s Judicial Committee is considering AB234, which would not only criminalize private transfers and ban possession of “metal piercing bullets,” but create an excise tax on both guns and bullets.

     Legislators can be contacted here, or alternately opinions can be given directly here.

     The members of the Judiciary committee are listed and contracted through the committee’s website.

     On the flip side, there are two bills introduced into the Nevada Assembly that are pro-civil liberties and protect the 2nd Amendment, in addition to those previously noted:

  • AB143 would allow those who have a valid CCW to not lose their right to keep and bear arms on the public universities and college campuses of the Nevada System of Higher Education campuses (e.g. University of Nevada, Reno; Unvieristy of Nevada, Las Vegas, &c.)

    The only major criticism of AB143 beyond the usual anti-gun propaganda, is that it would endanger the students with CCW permits because the campus police are trained to shoot first and ascertain the situation afterwards.  If this bill serves to change that, then that is a sufficient reason to support it in and of itself.
  • AB 195 would cut red tape and ease the burden on law many abiding CCW holders by allowing them to renew their permit at any time before the permit expires.

Please feel free to forward this information or post it elsewhere.

     For freedom.

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