Joe Biden & the Pimp Hand

     Vice-President Joe Biden had recently opined on domestic assault against women by differentiating between attacks which might lead to subsequent gun violence and “garden variety slap[s] across the face.”

     To be fair, Biden did follow up his “garden variety slap” with the statement that even that is totally unacceptable – a sentiment and standard that all public officials ought to be held to, especially those who wish to turn women into disarmed victims

     Some of the warning signs that Biden opines about, tend to fall into the “well duh” category:

  1. If a domestic abuser attempts to strangle you.
  2. If a domestic abuser threatens to shoot you with a gun.
  3. If a domestic abuser sexually assaults you.

     Though he condemns it, Biden should still be shamed for daring to refer to any form of domestic battery as just “garden variety.”  If a Republican had used such a phrase, the media would not only justly condemn that Republican, but declare this part of a “war on womyn” waged by the Republican party, or conservatives, or kyriarchy, &c.

     If Biden really wants to condemn violence against women, he should speak up against the many Democrats who seem to get away with it.

     A little Democratic mood music:

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