Senator Cruz Schools DiFi

     While the Senior Senator from the “Fools Golden State” is considered to be only the 2nd stupidest SenatorSenator from California, it is still necessary, from time to time, to school Diane Feinstein in the ways of the Constitution.

     Senator Ted Cruz is just the man to do it.

     Feinstein, who wishes to denied the right to conceal carry to the common hoi polloi that they may defend themselves, was a holder herself of a concealed weapons permit.  But at the above gun hearing, Feinstein compared a gun with “scary looking features” to child pornography in order to demonstrate why a “scary looking gun” ban is kosher.  Aside from the fact that firearms empower women and children to defend themselves against an attacker (something that she took advantage of), Feinstein also stressed that her ban should be seen as allowing a variety of guns.

     That is not how the Bill of Rights works.  What part of “shall not be infringed” does she not understand?  Liberty, generally speaking, is being allowed to do what is not prohibited; it is not being given the leeway to do what is narrowly permitted.

     On a side note, Senator Leahy compares the ban on “scary looking guns” with a board of education deciding to use particular texts in the schools within their jurisdiction.  This is so ludicrous that it is not even necessary to comment further on the only Democratic Senator from Vermont….

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